Satisfying Metal Waste Recycling Needs In Asia And Beyond

Kim Hock Corporation Pte Ltd is one of the largest recycler of steel in Singapore and handles more than 15,000 tons of steel material every month. Since our incorporation in 1970, our company has been synonymous with metal waste recycling throughout the Asia market. Our four decades of expertise and ability in metals anchor every product and service which we provide, making us uniquely well-poised to help clients manage their scrap metal recycling needs while maximising the value of scraps, offsetting disposal costs and reducing environmental impact.

Besides buying Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap metal from suppliers and re-processing them for delivery to overseas clients, we are also the only steel scrap and recycled processor and exporter in Singapore with marine logistics capability, where we complement our supplies with steel scrap from shipyards in Batam and ship them directly to buyers in West Malaysia and Indonesia via our Tug & Barge service.

Beyond metal waste recycling, Kim Hock is also a service provider for wood waste collection & recycling.

An ISO Company

Since the founding of our company, we have maintained our pole position in the industry by ensuring consistency and safety across our operations and upholding high standards of quality and service. Our company is ISO-certified with OHSAS 1800:2007.