Recycling of Scrap Metal

We specialise in buying raw Ferrous & Non-Ferrous materials from independently owned suppliers and industries which we then process and sell to steel mills and foundries around the world. It is then used to produce finished steel and other metal products. We also provide additional services to commercial and industrial accounts, including on-site pick-up services, loading and weight tracking.

Tug & Barge

We are the only steel scrap processor and exporter in Singapore with marine logistics capability. Besides buying steel scrap from the Singapore industrial sector, we also specialise in offering fully integrated services across our core business where we ship directly to our buyers in West Malaysia and Indonesia through our sister company, Kim Hock Tug & Barge Pte Ltd.

Wood Waste Collection

In addition to our core services, we have also extended our competency to include wood waste collection services. Our current facilities have been designed to handle the most challenging processes required in recycling wood and horticulture wastes for generating electricity to our plants and producing wood chips used for making new products.


Our proven ability to communicate and deliver robust and reliable solutions has made us the preferred supplier of many local and overseas MNCs. Furthermore, our knowledge, talent and resources in this area have also been seen as the benchmark in first-class delivery service.